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West Coast Auto Dealer Decides on Fusion for Cloud Communications

January 24, 2017

The cloud continues its surge through industry; agnostic to vertical, it is transforming the way business is done and the bottom line is reaping the reward. From data storage and SaaS applications to unified communications and collaboration tools, the cloud era is upon us, and there are no meatballs in the forecast.

Riding high on the cloud hog is Fusion, as its single source solutions are drawing in clients like a moth to flame. Today, in fact, Fusion announced a major West Coast auto dealership signed a three year contract with the cloud services provider. The dealership can now utilize Fusion’s end-to-end managed support and full complement of cloud services to alleviate the headache of working with multiple vendors in implementing and maintaining cloud communications.

Like any successful business, with growth comes augmented network demands. And as IT and administrative demand have grown in conjunction with expense and network requirements, it was time for a solution capable of scaling with expansion and not hurting the pocket in the process. In addition, Fusion’s 24x7x365 end to end support can address any possible bumps in the road along the way.

Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services, said, “This growing dealership has ranked number one in sales and customer satisfaction in its region every year for over a decade. Its highest priority is to ensure that its customers enjoy the best possible experience, and it demands the same level of reliability and quality in all of its relationships. We're pleased that the dealership has placed its trust and confidence in Fusion's single source solution, which integrates its voice and data requirements while lowering costs and eliminating the finger pointing associated with multiple vendor environments.”

Regardless of vertical, the cloud is making its presence felt. Those willing to step into the next generation of communications will enjoy a front row seat to productivity and prosperity, those that don’t remain on the sidelines of the digital transformation at hand. This is one time when it is more than ok to have one’s head in the cloud.

Are your communications in the cloud?

Edited by Alicia Young

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