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BroadSoft Share Leader in UCaaS Platform

January 18, 2017

The unified communications as a service (UCaaS) market is full of competitors, each eager to prove who has the best material. As is the case with any market, winners emerge and take more than their share of the market share available. IHS Markit recently released word about the UCaaS market, and found that the winner in global market share—at least for now—is BroadSoft.

The IHS Markit report notes that BroadSoft's UCaaS platforms currently account for 38 percent of all UCaaS operations worldwide, as of 2016's second quarter. There's little to suggest that status will be lost once third and fourth quarter data become available; BroadSoft itself recently announced it had over 15 million cloud-based UC lines deployed around the world, which actually represented three times the number its closest competitor could muster. Further, BroadSoft estimates that its new shipments in cloud UC is double that of its closest competitor, suggesting it will hold the top slot in market share for some time to come.

With UCaaS operations moving to larger enterprises and offering multi-tenant options that are currently the biggest part of the market, firms like BroadSoft stand to do well going forward. Since BroadSoft released BroadSoft Business not long ago, this could be an excellent means to capitalize on a market in the making.

IHS Markit senior research director for VoIP, UC, and IMS Diane Myers commented, “BroadSoft`s success is the result of not only its early work in this market, but its focus on securing tier 1 operators as customers of the platform worldwide, along with smaller, nimble competitive providers. This diversification and global scope has given BroadSoft a unique position in the market. Additionally, it is making the pivot to mobile through high profile mobile UC/business VoLTE launches with Verizon and Rogers in 2016, which keeps it relevant in a changing market.”

Here, BroadSoft demonstrates that it's not just rapid advancement that takes and holds market share, but also being able to build on earlier successes in the field. Starting early is vital to getting ahead, but staying ahead requires continuous retooling and new advancement. This is a fairly common principle across a wide array of markets; fending off competition requires a clear competitive edge in the market, and having the best and newest technology on hand can be just that edge.

So for now, BroadSoft is the name to beat, and it looks like anyone going after that title will have their work clearly cut out for them. BroadSoft's edge will be tough to top, as complacency is likely BroadSoft's only foe right now.