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Major Hospital Chooses Fusion for UC Solutions

January 10, 2017

Fusion is off to a strong start this year. It recently announced that a major Northeast teaching hospital and medical center has signed a three year, $640,000 contract with Fusion to upgrade the healthcare institution’s unified communications (UC) infrastructure. The institution hopes that this pairing will provide it with secure, high quality UC cloud solutions that will effectively reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

This particular healthcare institution is known for providing some of the best care around: “Since it first opened as a simple dispensary serving the poor of its community over one hundred years ago, this healthcare institution has pioneered many clinical procedures that have increased the health and well-being of the patients who rely on it for care,” said Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services.

 In order to keep providing this exceptional care to patients, it needs to make sure that all unified communications within the organization are efficient. The company chose to go with Fusion because of its cloud communications solutions. It believes that Fusion is the right company to help the hospital’s ongoing technology innovation efforts and disaster recovery planning strategies.

 Fusion’s solution also has built in business continuity, which is beneficial for maintaining the security and integrity of patient information.  Additionally, Fusion's cloud solution's intelligence resides within the company's advanced cloud services platform. This means that resources can be shared and burstable, which enables the hospital to securely and cost-effectively route traffic based on rapidly changing requirements across its facilities. Combined with true connectivity diversity, this built-in business continuity ensures additional capacity is available, should there be a need for it due to a natural or other emergency.

Not only did Fusion’s existing UC solutions impress the hospital, but its willingness to engineer a customized solution that would solve all of its key concerns did as well. This customized solution is being offered at a competitive price and will also protect the hospital’s existing technology investments.

Fusion is excited about joining forces with the notable hospital and hopes to facilitate its communications operations. “The hospital recognized from the start that investing in technology would improve care and reduce costs, and has established a culture of innovation throughout the organization. We are delighted to have been selected as a trusted technology partner to help ensure that the quality of its facilities matches the quality of its clinical services,” said Markman.

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