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Incentive Inc. Gets Helping Hand from Microsoft

January 04, 2017

Microsoft’s prestigious BizSpark Plus program is known for being a great place for start-ups to make connections and really make a name for themselves. With unified communications (UC) becoming increasingly popular, more providers are popping up than ever before. This creates a lot of competition, and can make it difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd. The program is designed specifically for this purpose; its goal is to help promising technology startups realize their goals on their own terms and in the shortest amount of time.

By participating in the program, young and innovative UC and software companies can gain experience and expertise in Microsoft technologies, with no upfront costs. It is also useful when it comes to helping startups establish connections with local and global startup ecosystems such as VCs, angels, incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneur associations.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that practically every UC provider and startup would love to take part in the program. Luckily for Incentive Inc., a provider of a complete social intranet platform, it has been chosen as the newest addition to the program.

The Incentive platform stood out to Microsoft from among the competition because it comes with a full range of workflow tools that are fully integrated in an easy to learn and use enterprise social intranet for mid-market enterprises. The platform is also unique because it’s “All in One Place,” meaning that everything is easy to find and access. With Incentive, companies can take advantage of their existing workflow apps, storage systems and document management tools in one central location. That convenience is what makes it so different than competitors, and is what caught Microsoft’s eye.

The platform was created for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams that want to achieve improved team communications, increased efficiency and accelerated business results. It offers several features, including wikis, blogs, micro blogging, document collaboration, file sharing, instant messaging, video conversations, and social behavior UX. There is also single sign on capability along with intelligent search, making it clear that convenience and clarity are priorities.


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