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Allot Communications UC Means Better Security

January 02, 2017

Unified communications (UC) is a valuable tool that allows not only better communications for those acting inside an office. As is commonly the case with any tool that allows remote connection, however, it can generate access points for hackers to get in and potentially cause damage. In a bid to protect against such problems, companies like Allot Communications release protective systems, and recently, Israeli Internet / cloud services provider Triple C took advantage of Allot's toolset.

More specifically, Triple C brought in Allot's WebSafe Personal system to provide protection to the array of customers turning to Triple C for Internet service, cloud services, or both. With Allot's system in place, reports note, users got access to a better way to protect against not only harmful online content—particularly things like malware and viruses contained in certain websites—but also online threats in general.

Since WebSafe Personal can be personalized, much as the name implies, the end result is better protection against those threats that are most likely to hit each customer in turn. Better yet, Allot's systems are network-based, which means most any device can put these to use without impacting the performance on that device. Right now, Allot systems are used to protect over 15 million systems worldwide, which suggests that the protection is indeed strong enough for most any user's need.

Triple C CEO, Rami Nahum, commented “Allot provided the combination of technology, knowledge and experience we needed and therefore working with Allot was the right choice. The solution will be provided to our customers based on their subscription level, and we anticipate rapid growth in the adoption of this service in light of its uniqueness.”

Protecting UC systems on the go is a top priority for any business; while there are clear advantages to a mobile workforce, no one wants to see those mobile tools used as a wedge to gain illicit access to a business' systems and the information contained therein. Plus, even when it's not a matter of access but rather a matter of just straight-up wrecking, the end result is still the same; no one wants to see viruses and such run through the system. That slows things down and takes away time that could be used more productively, as well as profitably.

It's a safe bet that Triple C will see plenty of value from Allot's tools; plenty of users already have. So with the new year approaching, Triple C's new move should give it a leg up going forward.