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Enterprises to Benefit from Avaya and Tencent Cloud Partnership

December 20, 2016

Avaya and Tencent Cloud announced this week that they are joining forces to offer cloud-based services to enterprises. The strategic agreement will leverage Avaya’s strength in contact center and unified communications solutions to develop the communications cloud ecosystem. Meanwhile, Tencent Cloud will be bringing its skill in social communications and broadcast technologies to the partnership. Together, the two companies will work to enable enterprise customers to launch cloud-based communications services.

A key component of the agreement involves disaster recovery. The two companies will be collaborating to improve disaster recovery efforts when it comes to the cloud. Both businesses are skilled in this area individually, so together they should make a big difference. To this part of the agreement, Avaya brings powerful safety strategies and mechanisms for cloud data centers, which can be used to help enterprises avoid IT deployment risks and safeguard data security.

Meanwhile, Tencent Cloud offers disaster recovery mechanisms with remote disaster recovery capabilities. These capabilities can ensure that operations remain stable and working, while also enabling 99.99 percent availability of instant communications infrastructure service support. By combining this technology with Avaya’s, the available data disaster recovery and hotline programs will be greatly improved.

This is not the first time Avaya and Tencent Cloud have worked together. In March, it was announced that Tencent Cloud’s QQ instant messaging applications is being integrated with Avaya’s contact center technologies in an attempt to help companies deliver an omnichannel experience for customers.

Both companies are looking forward to working together once again, and believer that this partnership can truly help enterprises get the most out of the cloud: “Our stable, secure and fast cloud computing infrastructure services can enable rapid development and deployment of enterprise communications applications and provide strong support for data storage, processing and transmission. The audio, video and communications solutions based on Tencent Cloud will also be aligned to various applications and services within Avaya's unified communications solution, jointly optimizing the enterprise communications experience,” said Xie Yuefeng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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