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ReadyTalk's Hosted Voice Big UC Push

December 12, 2016

A company that's been in the market for 15 years generally knows enough about its market to deliver value on at least some level; most businesses starting out will likely fail at some point. Word from even 2015 suggests the 90 percent failure rate of myth and legend is about accurate. For unified communications (UC) and cloud, however, ReadyTalk is delivering some impressive value in the field, and it's already stepped up that value with a new addition: hosted voice service.

Thanks to ReadyTalk Hosted Voice, organizations can not only save money, but also time by moving all communications services to the cloud, and through a single provider point. That makes for a robust UC presence, and one that's available for a lot less money than some might expect. Less management going into the matter also helps, as it frees up resources to be used elsewhere.

As for Hosted Voice itself, it includes a variety of powerful new systems, ranging from instant messaging to presence tools, a video collaboration system, conferencing solutions in audio, video, and Web-based alternatives, and even complete webinar operations for those who wish to use this unusual tool. Better yet, Hosted Voice can even be used as a customer-facing tool, with support for one-to-one operations, as well as a strictly internal tool, supporting one-to-many operations.

ReadyTalk's vice president of business development and channel sales, Dwight Allgood, commented, “We’re excited to add ReadyTalk Hosted Voice, considering how we’ve been hearing from more customers that they want a single vendor for UC. But it’s not just about that simplicity -- our solution enables companies to save money, be more productive, improve communication, be more mobile and grow their businesses. We have these customer ideals top-of-mind as we continue to innovate and reach UC’s full potential.”

Simplicity is an important part of this proposition; it's great to save money thanks to less need for resources to manage the system, and the larger nature of the UC offering means a one-stop shop for every communication need. Beyond that, however, it's also a great potential profit generation point. Not only does the cloud-based nature of the Hosted Voice system make it a worthwhile consideration for a mobile workforce initiative, but it also allows companies to get closer to an omnichannel contact system by opening up Web-based options, social media contact points, and more all from the same tool.

Saving money is great, and saving money alongside making more is better still. The more sources of value going into a proposition at once, the better off an organization is in the end. ReadyTalk's new UC system should help provide plenty of value sources, and make itself well worth considering.

Edited by Alicia Young

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