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Unified Communications Week in Review: Avaya, StarLeaf, Shortel, Pareto

December 10, 2016

Welcome back to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in Unified Communications this week.

This week held some exciting Avaya-related news. The company has been chosen by McMaster University in Canada to bring unified communications to campus. The hope is that, by choosing to implement Avaya’s unified communications technology, McMaster University will be providing more modern, mobile communications and collaboration capabilities to its staff, faculty and students. Rather than making some drastic changes and throwing everyone for a loop, though, Avaya and the university have come up with a plan to slowly introduce the new system. Find out more HERE.

Next up in Avaya news, Frank Griffin reported this week that the company’s new IP office is great for improving customer experiences. How so? Well, Karen Hardy, vice president, Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions, is quoted as saying, “The new features in Avaya IP Office Contact Center 10 help contact centers quickly define and deploy their customer service strategy to proactively manage the entire customer lifecycle with the simplicity, flexibility and tools needed to improve the quality of customer interactions,” You can find all the details HERE.

In other news, StarLeaf and ShoreTel have announced their partnership, with the purpose being to deliver one click videoconferencing for multiple users with ShoreTel’s Connect CLOUD. The ShoreTel CLOUD already offers many different capabilities, but now multiple users will be able to instantly join a HD video or audio conference. Find out more about the new features created by this partnership HERE.

Finally, Pareto Securities announced this week that it has chosen Qumu for UC development. According to Casey Houser, “Qumu develops software that helps businesses around the globe measure the effectiveness of their videos. Clients that develop marketing campaigns, training portfolios, or materials for shareholders and partners can use Qumu products to show how such video-based content, an important part of unified communications setups, has affected various populations.” Pareto hopes that Qumu will be able to help improve its videos that address the finance industry. You can continue reading HERE.

While some exciting news has been highlighted here, that’s certainly not all that went on this week. Be sure to head to the Unified Communications site for all the updates, and come back next week for the latest insights. Have a great weekend!

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