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Pareto Chooses Qumu for UC Development

December 06, 2016

Qumu develops software that helps businesses around the globe measure the effectiveness of their videos. Clients that develop marketing campaigns, training portfolios, or materials for shareholders and partners can use Qumu products to show how such video-based content, an important part of unified communications setups, has affected various populations.

One such client, the global investment bank Pareto Securities, has now chosen Qumu to help improve its videos that address the finance industry. Qumu did not, however, tackle this new client’s demands alone; it sought assistance from software asset management (SAM) application developer Crayon Group to allow Qumu to improve the effectiveness of Pareto’s current installation of Pexip, an application for managing videoconferences.

Crayon representative Thomas Rekdal, in short, commented that Qumu makes the Pexip installation “richer and more flexible.” Qumu adds another layer onto Pexip by allowing Pareto employees to interact on various communications channels outside of the Pexip application. When those same employees are ready share or record video, they can then easily jump to Pexip to handle their videoconferencing needs.

This link between Qumu and Pexip sits on a solid foundation. The two companies worked together earlier this year to support Microsoft Skype for Business as an extension of the Pexip Infinity meeting application. In that situation, while Pexip helps businesses record and stream live video, Qumu helps those services scale to archive potentially millions of streams.

Qumu also helps secure the unified communications of its clients by capturing information relevant to audits and retaining specific content in compliance with corporate or state policies. Furthermore, it secures recordings by integrating with identity management systems that can separate users from protected content.

Vern Hanzlik, the CEO of Qumu; Torgrim Takle, the CEO of Crayon Group; and Åsmund O. Fodstad, the CEO of Pexip all commented on this venture, noting their belief in the expected scalability and reliability of Pareto’s unified communications.

Karl Oscar Strøm, an equity sales lead at Pareto, also spoke about his company’s communications. He said Pareto chose Qumu for its software’s ease of use and the company’s expertise in finance, which extends to a dozen top financial institutions. Their visions for success line up; now Pereto’s improved videos can begin paying dividends for itself and its shareholders.

Edited by Alicia Young

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