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Unified Communications Week in Review: Avaya, Moody, Global Cloud Xchange

December 03, 2016

Welcome back to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in Unified Communications this week.

The week started off with the news that the island of St. Lucia has selected Avaya Communications for its networking solutions. With this pairing, Avaya will provide the island with networking, contact center and unified communications platforms and applications. This is good for visitors and residents, but will also help lower costs and simplify the management and administration of the technology. According to Avaya, St. Lucia has made a good decision, because its solutions will save the island up to 25 percent from the budget it had allocated for its previous system. You can keep reading HERE.

In other news, Moody has affirmed Global Cloud Xchange’s (GCX) B2 rating. This is great news for the company, as it comes on the heels of GCX’s deployment of the Cumulous Network. As TMC’s Steve Anderson notes, “By bringing out the Cumulous Network, reports note, firms throughout India would receive better access to the provisioning of next generation communications, particularly UC, thanks to the platforms extended capabilities. This would also bode well for Reliance Communications (RCOM), parent company of GCX.” It sounds like this is good news all around. Find out more HERE.

A special guest post this week by Michael Affronti, VP of Product at Fuze, looks at the reasons why UX should be central to your communications strategy. Affronti provides five reasons in his article and goes in-depth when analyzing each reason. This point comes at an important time, when user experience is more imperative than ever. However, companies aren’t making the most of their available technologies because they’re not applying UX to their communications strategies. Find out how UX can improve your user experience and communications efforts HERE.

Finally, the week rounded out with the news that Sangoma will be acquiring the telecom assets of partner firm Micro Advantage Inc. This should be an easy move for Sangoma, as Micro Advantage’s solutions are already so similar to its own. Micro Advantage offers a variety of UC tools, including a cloud public branch exchange (PBX) system that's actually based on earlier offerings from Sangoma. The two companies are predicted to work well together in the coming years. You can find out more about this deal HERE.

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