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Put Cloud Communications to Work to Make a Better Customer Experience

November 23, 2016

We know that unified communications (UC) means a lot of value when it comes to connecting elements of a mobile workforce, or internal elements of an operation. Some forward-thinking businesses, however, have pointed their UC tools outward, toward the customer, and discovered that letting UC make for better communications between customer and business can generate value as well. Here's how other businesses can learn from that example.

The proper set of cloud-based communications tools can perform many valuable analytics-style functions that generate clear value for businesses. Not only can these tools identify a caller, but it's also possible to identify that customer's need in advance. That information can go into a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and give the agent that little extra edge when picking up the call. That improves the chance of first-call resolution, and improves the customer experience.

UC tools also allow the agent to perform searches of previous records to see if there are recurring problems that could be addressed in the same fashion, or if something else needs tried. That cuts down on repetition, and improves customer experience as well. Various steps of supervisor intervention are also on hand, and the supervisor can decide which level is most appropriate. Sometimes there are problems only a supervisor can solve satisfactorily, and that's where UC tools have their best value.

The right UC tools can even help thin out heavy customer waiting periods by telling supervisors when to bring in extra resources, and even offer better analysis of agent performance, both of which are points that can further augment the customer experience.

While no one UC function will guarantee a better user experience, using several of these together will likely offer a little help in different directions. This cumulative effect can add up to a better overall customer experience, and every little improvement in customer experience means it's that much more likely that a customer will come back. Improve a little here, get closer to a first-call resolution there, make this underperforming agent a little better...these improvements add up, and ultimately make customer service better. Remember, customer experience isn't just the sale; it's everything from the advertising to the after-sales service, and any spot that can be improved on should be to help ensure that the total customer experience is better.

It's not a magic bullet solution, but using UC tools between customers and a business can help turn a negative customer experience into a much more positive one. Customer experience is too valuable not to pursue as best a company can, and using some simple tools in a whole new way can make a lot of difference.

Edited by Alicia Young

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