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PureCloud Communicate Helps Zevacor Manage Employees

November 21, 2016

When it comes to medicine, it is essential for patients to have access to professional help whenever they need it. Zevacor Molecular and Zevacor Pharma—subsidiaries of Illinois Health and Science (IHS), a not-for-profit healthcare system that specializes in enhancing patient care through strategic investments in healthcare-related opportunities—understand this crucial point, and have deployed the unified communications and collaboration cloud solution, PureCloud Communicate, from Interactive Group Inc. to help manage this need.

Zevacor began looking for a new communications solution after it merged with Zevacor Molecular and Zevacor Pharma (formerly IBM Molecular). This merger added 16 U.S. locations and took the company from about 20 employees to more than 100. Managing all those people can become difficult and, in this field, knowing who is on call and who can best meet a patient’s healthcare needs is important.

“The merger and new product offerings meant we needed a phone system that could better manage interactions between many more offices and employees,” said Wendy Comer, Zevacor’s office manager. She further discussed the need for an improved phone system by saying, “The FDA requires patients whose treatment involves our products to quickly reach a nuclear pharmacist if they have questions about possible side effects.”

After some searching, Zevacor decided to go with PureCloud Communicate to help support its employees. The solution offered fast deployment, ease-of-use and much-needed capabilities for connecting patients and employees. Now, patients calling who want to speak to a nuclear pharmacist can do so easily.

PureCloud Communicate works by using microservice architecture built atop the Amazon Web Services Cloud for fast and continuous feature delivery, and maximum reliability, scalability and security. According to a statement, “The service includes real-time enterprise collaboration tools, such as searchable employee profile information, instant messaging, multi-user chat rooms, multi-party video conferencing, and desktop sharing. It also includes cloud-based storage and easy sharing of documents, images and other content, plus sophisticated IP PBX capabilities, such as auto-attendant, call recording, speech recognition and unified messaging.”

Despite all those capabilities, Comer noted that the company was able to get PureCloud Communicate up and running in about a month. Not only that, but Zevacor started seeing immediate benefits, and so far hasn’t needed any help from its IT department.

One of the benefits Comer noticed was how easy it is to add new employees to the system. The company is growing steadily, and the easy solution is making it possible to manage all the new employees without any hassle. “PureCloud Communicate was built to easily integrate with our Active Directory system so we can add new users in just a few minutes,” Comer said. “If we want them to begin answering calls or place them in queues, we simply check a box.”

Overall, the PureCloud Communicate solution has made Zevacor’s merger into a success. The process of merging multiple companies can oftentimes get messy and complicated, especially when it comes to managing all the new employees. But, according to Comer, this process has been made incredibly easy by PureCloud Communicate: “…PureCloud Communicate has helped us meet this requirement by giving us visibility into employee status and profiles so we can quickly transfer callers to the right person.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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