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Telarus to Offer 8x8 Communications Apps in New Partnership

November 15, 2016

8x8, a provider of cloud-based communications services, and Telarus, a master agent that works across the globe to distribute the communications infrastructure of more than 80 vendors, have partnered to allow Telarus to distribute the 8x8 cloud-based communications and contact center services to its future clients.

Telarus’s adoption of the 8x8 products represents a switch in the manner in which it does business. Instead of focusing on legacy applications that run on a customers’ premise, said Telarus CEO Adam Edwards, his company will now have a better position to help its sales partners offer their clients more flexible products.

“Telarus is now proactively participating in building a comprehensive cloud communications portfolio, aimed at helping our sales partners be successful and grow their business,” Edwards said. “Together with 8x8, we will address the needs of those businesses who have relied on selling on-premises communications systems by providing more secure, reliable, and cloud-based solutions.”

He further noted that 8x8’s expertise in this market will greatly assist this partnership. In recent years, 8x8 has been busy diving into emergency calling, upgrading its collection of patents, and expanding its presence in Europe and Asia Pacific regions alongside a new presence in Latin America. The company’s ambition and experience is nothing short of what the height of the communications industry has to offer.

Therefore, it should be easy to see why Telarus would want to gain 8x8 as a partner. Telarus has already built for itself a global enterprise with influence in many regions. Once a company gets that large, it can be hard to find new places to target. By expanding its portfolio, Edwards and his partners can not only influence possible expansion to new countries; they can use that leverage to improve sales in existing hotspots.

Businesses want the latest improvements in communications. They also want to save money and make their businesses more flexible. That is the promise the cloud can bring, and 8x8 already offers it to many clients that use its services for internal and external communications each day. Now Telarus will have the option of reselling those capabilities and, at the same time, expanding its own name through the expertise of another.

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