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Looking to Improve Productivity? Try the New BroadSoft Hub

November 14, 2016

A Dilbert strip once featured a homeless man who billed himself as the world's fastest worker, who made the mistake of becoming a lawyer. When a man came in asking about estate planning, he was handed a complete will and a bill for nine cents. For the rest of businesses who would welcome such productivity, the search is always on to find tools that will allow such speed and quality in work. BroadSoft, meanwhile, recently released its BroadSoft Hub system, which may not get us to the point of the world's fastest worker, but will certainly help us all get more out of a day.

The BroadSoft Hub—geared to work with the BroadSoft Business suite—helps deliver value by streamlining operations and making information easier to find. A HubSpot report from 2014 notes that 31 hours per month—almost another working week—is lost due to those unproductive meetings, where users spend a lot of time hunting down information to disseminate it to other attendees.

Hub accomplishes this by bringing together several separate tools—the BroadSoft Business – UC-One, Team-One and CC-One systems—along with cloud apps that contain recent information sources like email and social media posts to provide context. Since Hub also integrates readily with some of the biggest names in the field like Office 365, Salesforce, and the Google G Suite, it's a safe bet that most any office's platform of choice is represented here. Those interested, sadly, will have to wait until most of the snow melts as BroadSoft Hub won't be on hand until March 2017.

BroadSoft chief technology officer Scott Hoffpauir commented, “By combining contextual intelligence with UC, BroadSoft Hub transforms communications into smart conversations. The new service increases productivity, optimizes process workflows and elevates the user experience. By placing the user at the heart of their integrated cloud applications, they have the tools ready to manage information overload and navigate through information effortlessly and instinctively.”

More productivity is a great goal, but it only goes so far; after all, people can only do so much for so long before plain old buckling, and with many needing to put off those various functions of an everyday life to the weekend, that period of rest isn't often as restful as it should be. Expecting ever-greater productivity could be a disaster in the end—look at how many vacation days go unused every year—but tools like BroadSoft Hub may be a great way to get more without requiring a lot more out of the workforce.

Streamlining processes and improving operations seldom go awry, and tools like BroadSoft Hub may do that job well in the end. This will likely prove well-received by potential users, and when this goes wide in March, we could be kicking off a year of even greater productivity through faster information gathering.

Edited by Alicia Young

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