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Damovo Releases New UCaaS

November 08, 2016

Communications service provider Damovo primarily serves Europe from several regional offices in locations such as Irelend, Germany, and Switzerland, just to name a few. In October 2016, it released the new Aquila cloud aggregation software that moves all its unified communications (UC), networking services, and contact center software to the cloud. Now its is stressing the use of UC as a service (UCaaS) for customers that have long used on-premise software but are looking for something fresh and able to withstand future market fluctuations, no matter the market.

With this subset of Aquila, the Damovo UCaaS product offers customers what they might expect in a cloud service – on-demand billing, flexibility in peak hours, and disaster recovery – with the benefit that customers can own their own data on secure servers. Alexander Janssens, the head of group cloud propositions at Domovo, commented on this combination of features as unique to what his company offers in comparison to competitors.

“An on-premise system has many advantages that customers are reluctant to lose when considering a move to the cloud,” Janssens said. “Damovo’s Aquila private cloud UCaaS offering combines the best of both worlds, enabling OPEX pricing, agility, and flexibility while maintaining on-premise advantages such as feature richness, data ownership, and security. Most importantly, with Aquila the customer always stays in full control.”

Damovo does not keep its business contained in Europe. It reached the world with its Global Services branch, and the creation of this UCaaS is expected to drive further growth in many countries as Damovo looks to the future. Company CEO Glen Williams expanded on Janssens position by noting the necessity for his clients to remain flexible in their own growth strategies. The globe holds a lot of competition for all companies, so the small advantages such as a scalable communications system and 24/7 support can mean the difference between beating and falling to the business next door.

Of course, the option is also there for companies to host their own data on Damovo servers. Businesses that wish to hold everything in the cloud can do so, while those more concerned with harboring their own data can choose their own SIP vendor and datacenter that will work in tandem with the Damovo product. In either case, clients can expect to keep their installations of popular software such as Skype and Salesforce, staples that many businesses could not live without.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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