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NORDSEE Chooses Mitel MiCloud to Boost Productivity

November 02, 2016

Mitel has been gaining a lot of positive attention lately. It was recently recognized as a Leader in a Forrester report and also received the 2016 TMC Labs Innovation award.  And it seems like companies continue adopting Mitel’s MiCloud left and right. A few months ago, Bouygues Telecom chose to adopt Mitel’s MicCloud UCaaS, and now NORDSEE, a popular fish retailer in Germany and Austria, is doing the same.

NORDSEE has chosen to implement the MiCloud and MiCollab solutions because they are designed to connect multiple sites to achieve productivity gains. Given that NORDSEE is such a large retailer in multiple countries, it’s easy to see why it needs a system that can help it manage all its locations. By deploying MiCloud and MiCollab, NORDSEE hopes to streamline communications between its new headquarters in Bremerhaven, Germany, headquarters in Austria and over 300 restaurants. That’s a tall order to fill, but given Mitel’s previous successes, NORDSEE is confident in its choice.

“NORDSEE can now gain a strategic advantage with time savings and simplified, collaborative communications for all of its employees,” said Christian Fron, General Manager, Mitel Germany. “As workplace demand for mobile-first interaction increases, Mitel, the world's fastest-growing provider of cloud business communications, can deliver the latest capabilities in an instant.”

Adopting these systems will enable NORDSEE to consolidate collaboration efforts, mobility and messaging into a unified infrastructure with one corporate directory. This is expected to drive employee productivity through easier, more interactive communications.  Some of these new ways of communicating include video conferencing and chat, which will offer new ways of working and cooperating between all of NORDSEE’s sites. Mitel's real-time communications tools will also be available via a single smartphone app enabling staff to access company data from any device or location.

Sascha Detke, CIO at NORDSEE, discussed how Mitel’s tools meet a need in the workforce by saying, “Mitel will enable us to perform at our optimal capability, bringing together NORDSEE's sales team and headquarters' staff through seamless communications…Many of our employees also expect mobile-first technologies that we can now offer with full functionality via Mitel's smartphone app. Being able to work flexibly or hot desk are also important to our business and no longer a challenge.”

NORDSEE may be a growing business with several locations, but the company is confident that Mitel’s solutions will help streamline its communications. The easier it is for its employees to communicate, the more productive these employees can be. If that’s the case, NORDSEE will profit immensely and Mitel will continue its streak of providing satisfactory solutions.


Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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