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USPTO Awards 8x8 with Four New Patents

October 25, 2016

8x8 offers its cloud-based communications software and services to enterprises that wish to replace their on-premise private branch exchanges (PBXs) or begin using contact centers and conferencing software in a hosted environment.

Part of 8x8’s mission in offering these products is to secure their proprietary ideas with patents. Like many other companies, 8x8 often chooses to share those patent acquisitions with the world. This summer it gained four new patents, several being continuations of previous works and all bent on the improvement of the features that 8x8 offers its customers.

The first patent, 9,401,994, “Conferencing and Meeting Implementations with Advanced Features,” was awarded this July and capitalizes on the work the company already secured with its 2011 patent, 8,817,801. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s granting of this new patent will contribute to the manner in which 8x8 handles incoming conferencing participants. It also addresses the way that the conferencing system can call back participants and then automatically add them to conferencing channels.

The second patent in this new group, 9,426,116, “Multiple-Master DNS System,” awarded in August, continues the work of patent 9,294,433. It helps 8x8’s systems maintain the integrity of DNS systems. When users get connected from a server, their DNS records may not match similar logs in master servers. This patent helps master servers and servers on the edge of service reconcile their differences to create a consistent DNS story and sync their operations.

Also awarded in August, patent 9,432,519, “Identifying and Processing of Unreturned Calls in IPBX,” is the only one of this group that stands alone; it does not continue the path of a previous patent. Still, its addressing of call routing capabilities is no less significant than its brethren. It allows an IP-based PBX to determine which missed calls and unreturned calls represent a higher priority than others. The way in which it does this is by comparing statistics of missed calls with other sources of enterprise data.

Finally, patent 9,438,736, “Limiting Contact in a Networked Contact Center Environment,” awarded in September, continues the work of patent 8,243,913 and addresses the limiting of contact between multiple tenants and a contact center. It determines how many tenants are allowed to reach the contact center in a given period and then takes action to prevent an overflow of that number.

All the patents here should have a positive impact on the nature of 8x8’s provision of existing and new services for its customers. This pack adds to 8x8’s total of more than 100 patents that contribute to the interaction between clients and the provision of customer service.

Edited by Alicia Young

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