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TMC Awards Star2Star for Third Consecutive Year

October 19, 2016

TMC uses its Labs Innovation Awards each year to showcase those businesses that, in their various markets, show that their products push the boundaries of what software and hardware can achieve.

One multiple award winner of the Labs Innovation Award, Star2Star Communications, which offers its own hybrid cloud-based VoIP service, StarSystem, is back again in 2016 to claim the honor from TMC for that flagship product. The company announced its win this week and noted that this is the third consecutive year it has reached this height.

David Portnowitz, the vice president of marketing for Star2Star, spoke for the entire company in his comment on the latest win:

“We feel this third award is thanks in large part to our team’s early vision in developing the first truly hybrid cloud communication platform that focused on providing scalability, quality, and reliability not available elsewhere in the industry.”

Part of the Star2Star’s innovation in the communications market comes from its StarSystem VoIP service that allows businesses to gain high sound quality and near-100 percent uptime alongside many other features companies have come to enjoy of their communications products, such as conferencing and call recording. Star2Star also includes integration with other popular products such as Microsoft Outlook, voicemail and mail groupings, number portability for new customers, and quick support for its StarBox Cloud Connection Manager hardware with the guarantee that any defective unit will be replaced within 24 hours.

Star2Star has also been honored in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for its reliability and dedication to clients. Portnowitz noted that his company has released three new models of StarBox this year. He also said that Star2Star will soon release a number of product enhancements.

Star2Star comments frequently that it does not consider itself a market giant. Instead, it wants to be a company that can remain small enough to be personal but create products that compete with the big players. That attitude could play a pivotal role in its grasping of awards and accolades from these communications industry analysts. The only question now is: Can Portnowitz and company make it a four-peat?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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