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Plantronics and RingCentral Partner to Improve Worker Flexibility

September 27, 2016

In today’s mobile world, staying connected can be difficult. Oftentimes, remote workers don’t have the same technologies available to them as office workers. This ultimately results in lowered employee productivity, because they don’t have the same opportunities as those in the office. Now, Plantronics and RingCentral are partnering to solve this problem while simultaneously improving worker flexibility and productivity. This pairing will provide integrated solutions that simplify business communications, powered by software, while ensuring superior call quality.

When it comes to employee flexibility, these two companies will without a doubt be able to improve the situation. Plantronics is a provider of audio communications for businesses and consumers. They have started new trends in audio technology, ranging from unified communication (UC) to Bluetooth headsets to gaming solutions. Meanwhile, RingCentral is a major player in the business communications ecosystem.

Plantronics headsets combined with RingCentral’s UC platform are designed with every type of worker in mind—from the desktop office worker to the mobile worker to the call center agent. What’s really nice is how easy the headsets are to use. The UC headsets are fully compatible and integrate directly with RingCentral for Windows and RingCentral for MacOS desktop apps. This enables complete headset call control without any additional setup. The headsets can also connect wirelessly to multiple devices, including desk phones, PCs, and mobile devices. So, no matter where you are or what operating system you use, it is possible for you to work with the headset. This improves worker flexibility and, ultimately, productivity.

Both companies are excited for the partnership and what it means for the future of the mobile workplace. “As a leading participant in the business communications ecosystem and a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS worldwide, RingCentral's platform provides a natural fit with our UC headsets,” said Boris Seibert, senior director, strategic alliances, Plantronics. “Our UC headsets help empower people to work in any environment, making for a more natural interaction between the user and the softphone. We're happy to be part of RingCentral's endpoints portfolio.”

On the same note, Matt McGinnis, associate vice president of product marketing at RingCentral, said, “We're seeing an uptick in the adoption of wearables by businesses, as it drives better multitasking and greater productivity.” He continued, “As we work to enable a seamless communication experience for business professionals, integrating with a technology leader like Plantronics allows us to better connect people with the capabilities they need to be successful.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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