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Unified Communications Week in Review: MegaPath, AltiGen Communications & More

September 24, 2016

Happy Saturday! This week in Unified Communications was an exciting one, with articles covering contextual communications, new call center services and so much more. Now that it’s the weekend, let’s take a look back at these last few days.

The week started off with an article about contextual communications from special guest writer Michiel Wolters, product manager UC, Summa. Wolters points out that the Internet has changed the way, the frequency, and the reason we communicate with each other. These changes make efficient communication in the workplace more important than ever, because productivity can be affected. Although there are more tools than ever helping us to communicate, wouldn’t it be great if they were all integrated with each other? Wolters thinks so; in fact, integrated communications that add value to the workplace are what contextual communications is all about. You can find more of Wolters’ insight HERE.

On a different note, this seems to be call centers’ lucky week; two new solutions were introduced that should make managing and working in call centers much easier. MegaPath began the trend by announcing the release of its Call Center Premium service. The new service was created with the idea in mind that cloud-based call center solutions are providing the flexibility that is needed to integrate new services and technologies to interact with the many different touch points that are now part of the marketplace. So, the solution was developed to deliver on these very points by providing more features, advanced reporting and capability while supporting dynamic and distributed staffing. You can find out more about the service’s capabilities and availability HERE.

Likewise, AltiGen Communications also commercially released its new hosted contact center software, AltiGen UC Cloud.  The new product combines the capabilities of the company’s own MaxACD Cloud Contact Center and Microsoft Skype for Business. MaxACD Cloud was already an efficient solution that offered a number of call queuing and routing tools, along with other features. So, it’s safe to say that the new AltiGen UC Cloud is going to be even more impressive. Find out more details HERE.

To round out the week, TMC’s Steve Anderson discussed Konica Minolta’s new portfolio, which is meant to deliver on the next generation of business capability. Anderson writes, “The new portfolio is known as the Workplace of the Future portfolio, and it offers a slate of tools geared toward three key points: collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. With these three points in mind, Konica Minolta seems ready to bring out new tools that will bring more capability to the workplace, and make it less dependent on physical location. That's great news for the mobile workforce.” You can find out more about this portfolio HERE.

While some exciting news has been highlighted here, that’s certainly not all that went on this week. Be sure to head to the Unified Communications homepage for all the updates, and come back next week for the latest insights. Have a great weekend!