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Konica Minolta's New Portfolio Means Business

September 23, 2016

Konica Minolta, for some people, might bring to mind images of impressive cameras, but the company has been working beyond that image for some time now. Its All Covered IT services division recently introduced a new portfolio that drives the point home: Konica Minolta is delivering on the next generation of business capability, and has new technology waiting to help.

The new portfolio is known as the Workplace of the Future portfolio, and it offers a slate of tools geared toward three key points: collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. With these three points in mind, Konica Minolta seems ready to bring out new tools that will bring more capability to the workplace, and make it less dependent on physical location. That's great news for the mobile workforce.

One of the biggest additions is the All Covered Workspace system, a virtual desktop tool that makes working from home, or anywhere else, as easy as working out of the office. A mobile device management (MDM) system helps make bring your own device (BYOD) doctrines secure and more successful, and a simple print connection allows users to print on office printers from mobile devices using Konica Minolta bizhub systems to make it as easy as issuing a print command from an office desktop computer.

Additionally, collaboration is covered with SharePoint integration along with the FileAssist and Enterprise Content Management systems that help reduce paper in the system, and help keep necessary items near to hand. That combination of collaboration and mobility adds up to greater efficiency, and opens up new opportunities for file sharing and similar tools that make it easier to work remotely.

New tools like the ALICE receptionist system that receives visitors and processes these for any live contact that may be necessary, the Double 2 Telepresence Robot that allows a face-time presence even by remote thanks to what amounts to a mobile iPad, and the Receptionist for iPad system that allows for further remote management of visitors to a physical location also contribute to Konica Minolta's efforts to streamline the workplace of tomorrow.

The problem, of course, is the standard one: many businesses simply don't allow mobile operations because these don't fit in with the culture. That's changing on some fronts—any business that recently had a power outage but allows telecommuting knows first-hand the kind of value it can have—but there are still a lot of concerns. Accountability is one of the biggest, but there are more than enough tools out there to address this point for anyone willing to actually use these. Psychological issues also play a factor here, with managers unsure of how to manage an office where the workers are seldom physically present.

While Konica Minolta's tools can go a long way toward establishing a fully-functional mobile workforce, businesses have to be willing to put these to use to derive the value therein. The tools are ready; it's the culture that could use some updating.

Edited by Alicia Young

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