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MegaPath's Call Center Premium Service is Now Available

September 20, 2016

Effectively communicating with customers has now become a key component of today's customer centric consumer base. And increasingly, cloud-based call center solutions are providing the flexibility that is needed to integrate new services and technologies to interact with the many different touch points that are now part of the marketplace. The new Premium Call Center service from MegaPath was developed to deliver on these very points by providing more features, advanced reporting and capability while supporting dynamic and distributed staffing.

MegaPath is a cloud communications and connectivity company with a portfolio of voice, unified communications, hosted IT, and secure data networking services designed to increase productivity and customer interaction. With the new Call Center Premium service, the company is looking to improve and expand the carrier grade cloud-based solutions it provides to support call centers that offer the range of services in the industry.

According to the company, with these new improvements everyone from advanced call centers with complex queuing, reporting and management needs to basic call distribution, queuing and simple reporting needs will be able to access a cloud-based solution that is much faster and economical than an on premises system.

“MegaPath’s new Call Center Premium service helps businesses, especially those with geographically dispersed staff, boost agent productivity, increase the quality of customer interactions, and reduce costs,” said Dan Foster, President, Business Markets, MegaPath.

Because contact center operations are no longer limited to a single location, and remote agents may be working from their home, a scalable, state-of-the-art solution that can be accessed from anywhere is needed.

The new MegaPath platform allows companies to manage large call volumes in call centers that specialize in different types of services, including sales calls and technical support workgroups. It also offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD), and team collaboration with its Call Center Pro solution.

Some of the new Call Center Premium features include: expanded call queue, preconfigured and customizable reports, Outbound Automated Call Distribution (ACD) to support outbound dialing campaigns, a single web-based management interface, silent monitoring for supervisors, integrated collaboration with unified communications and more.

As a fully cloud-based solution, Call Center Premium eliminates the limitations of on premises systems by providing the operational flexibility and business continuity to handle unexpected call volumes and recover from unforeseen outages quickly without negatively impacting customers. In an always connected world in which consumers access contact centers at any time of day, these features are essential.

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