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Polycom Brings Added Punch to Westcon-Comstor UC Lineup

September 15, 2016

As popular as unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools are these days, it's no surprise that there are a lot available in the market. That makes it difficult for businesses to differentiate in terms of offerings, so when a company adds on, it's usually a noteworthy point. That recently happened for Southern African firm Westcon-Comstor, who added Polycom's systems to its own lineup and made it that much more effective in the field.

Polycom was brought in for its voice and video solutions, as well as its telepresence systems, to drive the Westcon-Comstor UCC Solutions Practice platform. The move reflects a growing demand in the field for faster means of interaction, and voice and video—along with telepresence systems—are rapidly proving to be the leaders on this front. Additionally, having such tools on hand has proven valuable for an increasing number of firms, who use the tools to reduce travel and accompanying expenses. Polycom also recently brought out its new RealConnect system to augment Skype for Business, providing a simpler way to connect across environments of several vendors with just one click.

Westcon-Comstor UCC Solutions Practice director Tiens Lange commented, “Email has long been the defacto communications tool for companies of all sizes, but it’s not the ideal way to exchange ideas, particularly with progressive organizations. Our resellers need a practical alternative that will enable their customers to work more easily and cost-effectively in real time via myriad devices and locations. Our UCC solutions team gives resellers an edge by providing them with the educational training, tools and other resources to capitalize on these market opportunities.”

There is no shortage of advantages for using UCC systems. Cost savings, improved communication, and even potential revenue gains—imagine what the sales profiles would look like if UCC systems were customer-facing, and providing part of the omnichannel experience customers crave—are all part of the picture. That's why there are plenty of UCC systems out there to choose from, and why companies must in turn ratchet up their offerings in order to get any real traction in the field. Westcon-Comstor has done just that by bringing in Polycom, and its own sales numbers should gain some ground accordingly.

Differentiating oneself from the competition is vital to ongoing success in most any market, and answering the question “why should we go with you?” is the ultimate key to improved revenue generation. That's a fact not lost on Westcon-Comstor, who now has just such an answer with its new Polycom connection, one that should be a help long-term.

Edited by Alicia Young

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