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Panasonic Releases UC Pro Communications Software

August 29, 2016

The Panasonic Systems Communications Company of North America has announced the release of its new UC Pro communications software. It was made to work with various Panasonic unified communications (UC) hardware and targets small and midsize businesses that need to connect as many as 250 users.

Panasonic’s SIP trunking hardware units KX-NS700, KX-NS700G and KX-NS1000 all come made to support various call center functions and interact with mobile. The UC Pro software that sits atop these units makes it possible for businesses to add mobile devices to their networks and incorporate voice and video chat such as in remote meetings. The software also comes with an integrated calendar, presence functionality and recording of all text chats and call histories that occur for each user.

Gary Moeller, a product manager at Panasonic, commented on this release and the software’s ability to assist businesses while also making their operations more efficient.

“Now more than ever, businesses require a communications solution that not only connects employees and colleagues from remote locations, but is also a shared work tool,” Moeller said. “With the addition of UC Pro, our Panasonic business communication server users have the added benefit of easily connecting their trusted systems to a reliable and versatile application that encourages a collaborative team environment, while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.”

The allowance for use of mobile and video conferencing on Panasonic’s software will surely take the lead as the most influential features of the system. Although TMC has noted a rise in demand for local meeting rooms, it makes sure to add the caveat that mobile work is on the rise as well. Local meeting rooms act as a central communications hub for any business personnel that stay at the office; it connects other local workers and their remote counterparts through interactive video screens (which often support touch).

Users can connect their mobile devices to UC Pro to transfer their contacts and automatically forward calls. They can also use their mobile devices to attend meetings as a video-based, audio-based or text-only participant. Each user’s single identity persists across devices to identify them correctly no matter which device they prefer.

It should also be easy for businesses to adopt a Panasonic system that includes its hardware and software in one. Panasonic promises that its hardware is easy to install and maintain, and the new software is purpose-built to function with that hardware and all its supported functions. UC Pro is now available from Panasonic resellers; its mobile apps wait in the Android and Apple app stores.

Edited by Alicia Young

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