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Huddle Puts Security Front of Mind

August 24, 2016

We hear and see it all the time, communication and collaboration is vital to operations. In addition to deploying user friendly and feature rich collaboration tools, security must also remain front of mind – we see and hear about that all the time too! Answering this demand is Huddle with the general availability of its Unified Authentication Portal.

“Security is a top concern for most enterprises; however this is especially true of professional services firms who are collaborating with internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis.” said Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle. “In our latest release we’ve doubled down on our commitment to being the industry’s most secure cloud-collaboration platform, making it even easier to keep data secure regardless of who has access. This is especially important, particularly when the success of an engagement depends on efficient collaboration and communications between internal teams, the clients and other external partners.”

With the newly unveiled Unified Authentication Portal, managers can ensure content remains secure by putting security and authentication policies in place. For instance, in leveraging a Single Sign On (SSO) for Huddle’s Web, desktop and mobile apps lending improved control over internal and external content.

Features in the new release include support for cross-domain identity management (SCIM), two-factor authentications, pin lock, internal/external domains and permission control as well as viewer (online only) access level.

 “Security is the cornerstone of our product, which is why 80 percent of UK government departments, NASA, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Institutes for Health, and other agencies across the U.S. federal government have chosen Huddle.”

Huddle has made a name providing enterprises and government organizations a secure cloud collaboration service. This recent announcement builds on its expertise, and offers peace of mind for firms exchanging sensitive data. Safe is always better than sorry.

Is your collaboration solution safe?

Edited by Alicia Young

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