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UK Not-for-Profit Tells IP PBX Migration Story

August 16, 2016

Organizations are increasingly adopting IP- and software-based business phone solutions in an effort to save costs, increase productivity, and more away from outdated legacy systems. Avante Care and Support is one such example of this trend.

The Kent County Council formed Avante a quarter of a century ago as a charity to manage residential care facilities and provide in-home support. Now the organization, which has 14 locations, also offers services for youth and runs nine dementia care facilities.

Avante was recently looking to replace a collection of legacy PBX systems. What was in place was difficult to configure and maintain, costly to connect, required frequent reboots, and was easily susceptible to outages. Also, Avante wanted to support its mobile and remote workers on its telephone system in a seamless way.

That led Avante to select a software-based IP PBX from 3CX.

The 3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based, open standards platform that replaces proprietary PBXs. It cuts telco costs and boosts company productivity and mobility with the 3CXPhone clients for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

“3CX is a great business phone system; it does everything you could possibly want at an extremely competitive price,” said Carl Vivash, Avante’s IT manager. “The support services are great, and the user guides available are outstanding. The best thing about 3CX is that it is a software you can install on a standard PC and have a basic phone system working within hours.” 

Avante is just one of many companies using the 3CX Phone System today. Others include such notable names as American Express, Boeing, Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles, Intercontinental Hotel & Resports, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McDonalds, Mitsubishi, Pepsi, ReMax, Schlumberger, and Wilson.

In addition to the phone system, 3CX offers a solution called 3CX WebMeeting. It’s a web conferencing solution that leverages WebRTC technology, thereby eliminating the need for any plugins or clients. Browser-to-browser communication and click2call as well as advanced online classroom features are among the features of 3CX WebMeeting. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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