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Zultys MX Unified Communications Reaches Release Version 12

August 16, 2016

Zultys develops its unified communications software, MX, to give businesses the option of handling the office communications from within the cloud or from their own office servers. Now MX has reached Release Version 12 and includes more options for call recording and queue handling for increased workplace efficiency.

Steven Francis, the chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys, commented that the update to Release Version 12 will benefit employees that communicate with their coworkers and with remote customers.

“We are excited to share these new features and enhancements for our MX platform with our customers to improve communications both interoffice and outside the office,” Francis said. “We have more exciting releases planned in the near future, for all customers that upgrade to Release 12, that will provide even more productivity-enhancing tools for the office.”

He further noted that this release will be available at no charge to existing MX users. Those businesses will lead the way in showing exactly what the latest enhancements can create.

It begins with advancements to MX’s call recording capabilities. Many businesses that handle their own financial transactions must adhere to regulations that force them to stop recording when customers speak or dial their credit card numbers. Although it may seem easy enough for this process to take place manually, the separation of voice calling and recording functions may present challenges to many brands. Now within MX, users can easily pause and resume their call recording when customers begin to enter their sensitive data. The MX software even has the ability to link to specific buttons on IP desk phones.

Beyond call recording, MX also wants to help customers make the most of their time when calling for product assistance. Customers can now leave a call back number with the automated MX attendant when brands’ queues are full and wait times are high. MX then takes the call back number and places it in the queue so an agent can be directed to dial that customer before taking another incoming call. Customers never lose their place in line, and they can return to work without waiting on hold.

Zultys has also opened its barge in, whisper, and silent monitoring features to every user on a system. MX used to limit those functions to users that were part of a call center; companies that did not have a call center setup did not gain those features. This update makes it possible for all managers to now monitor live calls and assist employees when necessary.

It appears that Zultys has listened to its enterprise client base and added a number of new features that will suit a wide range of their operations. Business leaders are sure to appreciate the call recording and call listening features. Meanwhile, consumers are sure to appreciate the call back function and the attention to their privacy as it relates to recorded sensitive information.

Edited by Alicia Young

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