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Michael Johnson Performance Prefers Mitel Cloud for Collaborative Athletics

August 15, 2016

It would be an easy mistake to make, thinking that an organization devoted to training athletes either doesn't care about or can't operate modern technology. Technology, however, has become a major part of athletics; just ask anyone who's bought a Misfit Shine or the like lately. Athletic training organization Michael Johnson Performance proved the value of technology in training when it brought a complete Mitel cloud solution, MiCloud, to its own operations.

With a MiCloud system in place, users get access to a slate of collaboration tools ranging from content sharing to project management, and the ability to actively engage in chat functions while using these tools. With real-time video options also on hand, users can even engage in remote coaching, even to the point where injuries can be evaluated using the same techniques that many telemedicine practitioners are putting to use today. The system also includes mobile options that make it more readily used from the track or the gym floor, and has scalability options included to allow extra flexibility as the size and scope of operations change.

Michael Johnson Performance founder and former Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson commented “At MJP, we’re committed to having the most effective technology available to help train athletes to achieve their best. We also want to ensure our staff has access to advanced tools and resources that maximize efficiency in their day-to-day operations so everyone is actively involved in athlete success.”

Certainly, “advanced tools and resources” are exactly what Michael Johnson Performance has picked up with MiCloud. It might seem like overkill to give an athletic training consulting firm access to the same kind of tools that physicians are using in telemedicine practice, or that major financial firms are putting to work every day, but this simply demonstrates not only the power, but also the accessibility, of cloud-based systems. With over two million subscribers currently putting Mitel systems to use at last report, it's clear that plenty of users have already found the value with Mitel. It's not out of line to think others would too; the notion that Mitel found a ceiling of users is unlikely.

So with advanced communications capability now on its side, Michael Johnson Performance can open itself up to a wider variety of potential users in different locations and specialties. That means a greater likelihood of new revenue streams and a healthier overall business, which is why businesses upgrade technology to begin with. It's all powered by Mitel cloud systems, and those users will likely find no shortage of value in the months ahead.

Edited by Alicia Young

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