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Switchvox, Asterisk Users Get New Phone Options From Digium

August 05, 2016

One of the many truly great things about voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service is the sheer number of options on hand when it comes to endpoints. Digium recently released a few more into the field, and with competition as hot as it is in this market, there will be no shortage of great features to go with these releases.

The Digium D65, for example, is a high-end, “executive-level” system that offers not only a 4.3 inch color display, but also HD audio, support for wireless headsets, 6-line keys, rapid dial and busy lamp field (BLF) options and a pair of 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps network ports, and selling for $239. The D62 is a step down from that, a “mid-level” system that keeps the display and network ports, but only boasts 2-line keys, selling at $189. The D60 drops down another level to “entry-level” keeping the display, network ports, and 2-line keys, but only offering 10 / 100 Mbps network ports, and sells at $139.

The previously released models will still be on hand to add further options for users, and there's even a new version of Switchvox coming out alongside it. Bringing in a slate of new features itself—including multicast audio support for pages and announcements, as well as call parking—the new Switchvox will only help add value to the new Digium phones.

Digium senior product manager Malcolm Davenport commented “Digium phones are the only phones tightly integrated with Asterisk and Asterisk-based phone systems, including Digium's Switchvox. No other phones on the market offer their advanced feature set. In addition to easy plug-and-play deployment, all models include the Digium Phone App Engine, which enables the phones to run user-developed JavaScript applications to enhance productivity. Apps like interactive voicemail, visual call parking, one-touch call recording, searchable contact directory, and presence management, all take advantage of the unique and rich data connection between Digium phones and Asterisk.”

All of these combine to make Digium a great force in the market. With so many competitors, regular updates are all but required to remain in the hunt so as not to lose ground to all those competitors. There's a lot of options in the field when it comes to endpoints, and having a high-quality system with plenty of options ensures that the widest reach can be had. Throw in different levels of system to accommodate various budgets and you not only get a shot at new customers, but also those who were current customers elsewhere.

Digium's mix of budget-friendly and high-powered systems should deliver long-term benefits for the company, and for its customer base. It's going to be difficult for others in the field to match that proposition, and should allow Digium to hold a place in the market for some time to come. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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