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Interact Installs BlueJeans Conferencing for WEC

August 03, 2016

The World Energy Council (WEC) acts as a think tank for the development of sustainable supply and energy use across the globe. It was recently in need of a new communications application that would offer its employees access to voice and video. Enter Interact Technologies.

Interact supplies a range of communications products such as BlueJeans, Avaya, Microsoft, Polycom and many more that readers here would be familiar with. It tries to match its enterprise customers with the product that works best for them. In the WEC’s case, the best fit came with the BlueJeans communications platform for its provision of voice, video and data as well as Interact’s ability to install the new system in short order.

Following its time with Interact, the WEC commented on the installation process and its experience of working with the IT officials.

“Having to deal with one company proved invaluable,” WEC representative Emily Melton said. “The project team kept us updated regularly and held our hand throughout this stressful process. Despite the tight deadlines we imposed on Interact, they delivered on time and stress free. Well done Interact. I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Although her statement makes it sound like WEC had the upper hand in this relationship, the process also appears to have contained much in the way of advice from Interact. Melton makes it clear that the WEC’s contact with a single organization allowed the installation and setup process to proceed smoothly for a number of reasons. In establishing new SIP lines, an internet connection of 100 Mbps and a videoconferencing service courtesy of BlueJeans, Interact offered advice about the sort of services that would best fit the Council’s organization as a whole.

Her comments solidify a type of experience that all businesses wish they could achieve in their interactions with service providers. Interact showed that it was first able to offer pre-installation advice that would inform the roadmap of how WEC could proceed with its needed communications capabilities. Then Interact proved able to match its own advice with quick installation that arrived without stress and led to Melton’s additional comment that the service was “absolutely incredible.”

From this point forward, Melton and her colleagues expect to see an immediate return on their investment within their new reliable method of contacting individuals and teams across the BlueJeans videoconferencing service. The attitude between all parties in this installation predicts that WEC will look to Interact and BlueJeans in the future and will recommend their services to additional businesses. That’s the sort of marketing only good will and great professional service can generate.

Edited by Alicia Young

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