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Unified Communications Week in Review: UC, Arkadin, Skype for Business and More

July 30, 2016

This week in Unified Communications had a lot of companies looking to help industries and make employees’ lives easier. Between consolidating the UC industry, boosting productivity and improving cloud connectivity, there’s plenty to take a look at this week.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at this week’s happenings.

The week began with special guest writer Dennis Collins, senior director of marketing at West UC, discussing why consolidation could help the UC industry. Collins references the fear that skeptics have regarding this consolidation. They fear the available solutions will stagnate while the behemoths left standing feel less inclined to push boundaries. Aside from the fact that consolidation is a natural and necessary phase for any industry or organization, this apprehension can be put to rest for many reasons. He has all the reasons on why you shouldn’t be worried HERE.

The week continues to highlight Arkadin, whose new Arkadin Total Connect system brings users a complete cloud-based solution and includes telephony options for added value. There are plenty of people who want to put telephony solutions to use, and others who want cloud-based options. Arkadin provides the best of both worlds for Skype for Business users with their new system. TMC’s Steve Anderson has all the details on what comes with this system and how it works HERE.

TMC’s Tracey E. Schelmetic takes a look at productivity in her article this week. While there are plenty of non-work related productivity erasers, like Facebook, texting, friends, shopping online, etc., there are quite a few roadblocks in the office as well. Some of these issues include unnecessary or redundant tasks, duplicate data entry and much more. For information on how cloud-based unified communications are helping to erase these problems and raise productivity, check out this article.

To finish out the week, we have news regarding UC in terms of boosting productivity. Recent studies from Jabra found that employees lacking the right equipment find it almost impossible to concentrate on their work, causing productivity rate the drop drastically. With the right tools, UC should help productivity rise and business boom. For a look at Jabra’s advice on getting the most from your UC investment, go HERE.

While some exciting news has been highlighted here, that’s certainly not all that went on this week. Be sure to head to the Unified Communications homepage for all the updates, and come back next week for the latest insights. Have a great weekend!

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