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Unified Communications (UC) Boosts Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Employee Productivity

July 29, 2016

Do you find that you’re more productive when you have the right tools at your disposal?

Well, you’re not alone. A recent study from Jabra found that, “call-centric workers, such as those who support customers or serve in an advisory capacity, are more productive and 25 [percent] more engaged in their jobs when enabled with the right supporting technologies. These technologies could include advanced headsets that enable crisp-sounding calls, offer comfort for long call durations and include noise-canceling technologies to insulate from noise and interruptions.”

While this is just one example of a tool that makes employees’ lives easier, it reflects the idea that having the right equipment is essential to productivity. For this reason, between a third and two-thirds of all small and medium businesses (SMBs) will either add unified communications (UC) or replace existing systems with UC within the next one to two years.

Mark Derby, vice president at Jabra, weighed in on these findings by saying, “Productivity and concentration are critical in the increasingly competitive small business environment.” He continued to say, “Task-based knowledge workers and business managers in noisy open office environments need robust communications tools that deliver active and passive noise cancellation, integrated busy lights and easy to use, plug and play connectivity to ensure they are meeting customer needs and providing superior levels of service.”

Based on the overwhelming response that proper equipment boosts productivity, Jabra has compiled a list of tips for growing businesses to make the most of their UC investment. First, they suggest that you drive productivity with seamless integration. It’s clear that SMBs need the right tools to be fast, flexible and efficient in their everyday endeavors. They state that plug-and-play, intuitive UC solutions help to ease employee adoption and make the most of the organization’s investment. That being said, businesses should also look for the ability to easily switch between Lync and Skype for Business and mobile devices, thus enabling employees to be mobile while on the go.

The next suggestion involves improving employee concentration. On average, workers are distracted at work every three minutes. Once they get back to work, it can take as long as 25 minutes to refocus on the task at hand—that’s a lot of wasted time. That’s why noise cancellation technology is essential because it enables clear sound while on calls but blocks out extra commotion. This allows employees to stay focused on the task at hand.

Finally, hands free devices allow employees to better serve customers because they can talk and work at the same time, thus ensuring shorter hold times. The less amount of time a caller spends on hold, the happier they will be. One of the biggest problems facing companies is the fact that 89 percent of customers will leave for a competitor after a negative customer experience. By utilizing your UC investment, you can prevent this by ensuring the happiness of your customers.

Needless to say, SMBs that want to get the most out of their employees would be wise to invest in UC. Whether the technology needed is headsets or something else, it is important to find out what is holding your staff back and remedy the problem. With the help of UC, productivity should skyrocket and your business should reap the benefits.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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