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Arkadin Total Connect Brings Swiss Army Knife to Cloud Communications

July 27, 2016

There are no shortage of options for those who want to put telephony solutions to use, and for those who want cloud-based options, there are plenty of those too. Arkadin is out to make its presence known in the market with its new Arkadin Total Connect system, a measure that not only brings users a complete cloud-based solution, but includes telephony options for added value.

Arkadin Total Connect is a hosted service for Skype for Business users, and is actually a part of the Arkadin as-a-service package. Users get access to not only a voice-enabled Office 365, but also contact center tools—which are increasingly useful as contact centers become revenue generators as a big part of customer experience—and audio, Web, and video conferencing tools. Plus, there are a set of project management tools, training for the end user, and even migration services on hand to help make sure Arkadin Total Connect is up and running for everyone as powerfully as possible.

Throw in a hosted phone system for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calling—which by itself can generate savings if it's replacing a private branch exchange (PBX) system—along with top-quality global voice architecture and the fact that this is all available from one provider and the end result is a powerful system that delivers value across several points.

Wainhouse Research's senior analyst and partner Bill Haskins, Sr., commented “The Arkadin Total Connect portfolio is very compelling. Going beyond the standard benefits customers should expect for hosted UC deployments, Arkadin adds code-level knowledge of the hosted Skype for Business platform, global infrastructure, robust networks and 24x7 multilingual local support. This combination of services, expertise and infrastructure positions Arkadin to deliver a superior overall experience.”

That's a lot to like in one package, and like Haskins Sr., it's hard not to take note of the fact that all this is offered under one company's umbrella. Sure, there's something to say for the multi-vendor model, like potential cost advantages, but a single-vendor strategy can be helpful. Some here might comment on the wisdom of putting all one's eggs in one basket, but others will respond with the add-on to that quote: “Put all your eggs in one basket...and then watch that basket.” Managing a single-vendor supply line is much less complex, and when something goes wrong, it's immediately clear who to call to start fixing the problem.

Businesses worldwide should be happy with the Arkadin Total Connect solution, and recognize the value therein. There's a lot to like in this platform, from a great feature set to being able to easily address when something's gone wrong. All of that combines to mean real value for the user. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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