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Cosmetic and Orthodontic Practice Plucks Fusion for SaaS Support

July 20, 2016

For something that was once an unclear proposition, cloud computing has permeated industry, and continues to expand its presence in business. The as-a-service market is going bananas currently, from your CRM and project management to data recovery, infrastructure and beyond, software is eating the world. What if I told you SaaS has reached dentistry?

This week, an expanding cosmetic and orthodontic practice tapped Fusion to aid in supporting the delivery and expansion of the dental firm’s SaaS solution. The dental service provider operates in 25 United States locations, and its SaaS solution helps improve operational efficiency for each location by including centralized digital imaging and storage.

The dental practice awarded Fusion a three-year $750,000 contract noting Fusion’s national network, cloud solution suite, exceptional customer and technical support as some of the reasons tipping the decision making scales.                                                                                                                                                                

“We are excited to work with this innovative company in helping extend its advanced, cloud-based dental technology and support solutions to its 25 locations. The company is growing at a fast pace and expects to double that number in the coming year,” said Russell P. Markman, president of Fusion's business services.

Fusion serves the cloud market as an innovator on the fore of market trends. And, as this burgeoning firm expands in this nascent market, it is able to keep the personal touch in its business interactions and customer care. In parallel, the dental service provider is doing much the same in its own field.

“We are especially gratified that the organization placed its confidence and trust in Fusion's single source cloud solution, viewing us as a nimble provider that would be easy to work with and that had the expertise and experience to grow with it. We pride ourselves on being large enough to deliver and yet small enough to care, delivering the kind of proactive, personalized support that a company that has already achieved an impressive record of success can count on,” exclaimed Mr. Markman.

In leveraging cloud services, the cosmetic and orthodontic practice will cut costs while improving efficiency across the board. The benefits are clear, if your firm isn’t cloud bound, maybe it’s time to look into it.

Edited by Alicia Young

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