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The Integration of IR Prognosis with Cisco APIC-EM to Improve Video Communications

July 15, 2016

Internet Protocol (IP) communications brings together audio, video and data together to address the different touch points in use today. The technology has become even more valuable because of the collaborative environment in which employees work in. As our reliance in IP communication continues to increase, solutions that are able to address performance issues with monitoring tools have become an important component. The announcement of the integration of IR Prognosis with Cisco APIC-EM – the software controller for Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA), will deliver comprehensive monitoring and performance management software to improve video conferencing and online meetings.

The experience of providing proactive performance management software for critical IT infrastructure and communications ecosystems around the world gives IR the ability to deliver a software that can automate the identification, repair and resolution of performance issues when user are conducting a videoconference or any other collaborative communications.

The Cisco Digital Network Architecture will provide its open and extensible, software-driven architecture to transform enterprise operations by accelerating and simplifying today's digital age networks. The architecture eliminates the need for IT staff to perform repetitive network configuration tasks by programming the functionalities they need with a few clicks.

The Cisco DNA will be integrated with IR Prognosis to deliver high degree of application-level quality and performance requirements with the underlying network infrastructure to automatically troubleshoot issues. Service providers that are providing unified communications (UC) will see a better user experience across vendor platforms.

"Many organization’s network infrastructures are not able to keep up with demand for UC which results in poor adoption and low ROI of modern collaboration tools that have the potential to transform productivity. Prognosis, integrated with Cisco APIC-EM, represents the means to uncover and address underlying infrastructure weaknesses, paving the way for successful UC deployments," said Darc Rasmussen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IR.

The combined technologies of both companies will deliver increased capabilities, including reading call quality, detecting quality problems, using APIC-EM REST API, applying Quality-of-Service (QoS) to fix quality problems, and validating the assessment of call quality.

All of these features will allow service providers to manage and measure quality experience across different platforms when they are upgrading are migrating between different vendors. Additionally, they'll be able to lower calls to help desks to troubleshoot problems with the automated intelligent alert system that predicts problems based on trends and real-time events across the UC environment. Overall IR Prognosis and Cisco DNA will maintain the QoS of the network of their customers by managing the delay, delay variation, bandwidth and packet loss parameters.

With digital technology now a must for organizations, the tools used to ensure said communications are carried out seamlessly are also a must. The integration of IR Prognosis with Cisco APIC-EM delivers a UC performance management solution that businesses can rely on.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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