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Panasonic Adds to Unified Communications Product Line

June 27, 2016

The connected environment in which all businesses operate now requires them to have communications solutions with voice, data, mobile, conferencing, collaboration and more. This doesn't exclude small businesses, which until now had to settle for technologies with limited capabilities. But digital technology has made available enterprise grade solution for the smallest of businesses, which is what Panasonic is making possible with its KX-NS700G, a compact, hybrid communication solution prepackaged and designed for small businesses with up to 18 digital lines.

This new hardware will give small businesses a suite of unified communications (UC) solutions with a communications platform, IP cameras and software. It has been designed to address the dynamic environment of a digital ecosystem with the flexibility and ease of use that is needed today.

Although the KX-NS700G is small, it has 18 digital lines, four IP proprietary and four single-line telephones, two channels of unified messaging, up to six analog phone lines and supports up to 500 mailboxes.

In an article written by Nathan Eddy one eWEEK, Panasonic Product Manager Gary Moeller, said, "It is extremely important for businesses of any size to have a strong UC system allowing employees and partners to seamlessly communicate with one another and their customers. As we see a continued evolution to the work from anywhere, anytime mindset, a reliable UC system that offers advanced services and can support a mobile workforce with multisite environments has never been more important."

With that in mind, Panasonic seems to have put every imaginable communications option in this server. It has intelligent features with built-in voicemail, call center monitoring and reporting, as well as access to Panasonic's standard Communication Assistant application tool. If your company needs advanced features, it can provide two-way recording, message storage backup, voicemail-to-email notification, mobility and advanced Communication Assistant.

The key features of the KX-NS700G include, a small form factor hybrid communication solution with IP and Digital World in one box, support for a lineup of phones that includes SIP/IP/Digital and DECT portables, and pre-installed cards and activation keys for small installation with options to unlock advanced features.

Communication technology is evolving at a fast rate, and small businesses have to adapt just as fast as their larger counterpart. The Panasonic KX-NS700G takes every imaginable communications scenario and makes it available at a price point most small businesses can afford. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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