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Midwest Company Makes Fusion Cloud Services Provider

June 23, 2016

By Maurice Nagle

Businesses today are tasked with transformation. I don’t mean migrating from selling shoes to hats; the transformation is in reference to modernizing processes, workflows and overall operations. And, one technology taking the lead in that arena is the cloud. This once hypothetical thing, is today more tangible than ever and innovation is raising the bar for what the cloud can do.

This week, a leading Midwest company set its course for the cloud by way of Fusion. The major industrial company has been in business for over one hundred years, and with a history of providing cutting edge solutions covering the gamut of healthcare equipment and services, industrial applications for business, cryogenics, gases and more.

Over the next three years, Fusion will converge cloud voice services with a cloud network solution that connects 10 of the enterprise’s locations. Illustrating Fusion’s single source solution capability coupled with built-in disaster recovery routing and backup and determining factors for the selection, it now has a solution in place ready to meet the firm’s needs today that can adapt to tomorrow’s demands.

In addition to Fusion’s expertise, the Midwest company’s IT director noted excitement to work with a company that is willing to create a solution that matches the client’s specific demands – another key factor in choosing the cloud services provider.

Senior Vice President of Sales at Fusion, told TMC, “This company has a long and enduring history of delivering a full complement of integrated industrial and service-based solutions to its customers.  The company found the answer to its rapidly expanding requirements in Fusion’s single source cloud solution, with built-in disaster recovery, converged with cloud access and cloud communications for a truly all-in solution.  We look forward to growing with this leading enterprise as they evolve their requirements now and in the future.”

Fusion can certainly fancy itself a future-forward company; a growing player in the cloud space, not afraid to place value in innovation or facilitate growth via acquisition to enhance its offerings.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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