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Cascade Health Services Begins Use of Solgari Telecom Services

June 20, 2016

Solgari’s mission with its self-titled cloud-based software is, apparently, to cram everything a telecommunication service provider has in its toolbox into an accessible cloud-based container. It packs its prowess as a telecom, which of course means voice and video, alongside collaboration and call management tools and compliance for industry standards.

The latest client to receive this mix of features is Cascade Health Services, a provider of staffing to healthcare facilities across the U.S. Solgari mentioned this past week that it been working with Cascade during that company’s transition away from its legacy communication software and services. Solgari’s new system has allowed Cascade to adopt new call center features such as voice and video chat, interactive voice response, desktop sharing, conferencing, and call encryption that all comply with PCI DDS requirements created to keep customer data safe.

Amanda de Castro, Cascade’s director of clinical operations, commented on this growth and the essential part that this new software plays.

“Cascade Health Services is expanding rapidly, and the use of compliant and flexible cloud based technology is important in meeting our goals,” de Castro said. “With HIPAA regulations, all our providers must conform to the highest security and compliance standards. Solgari’s cloud software platform has a long and successful track record in delivering compliant solutions within the healthcare space, in addition to providing all the communication services we need over the internet.”

TMC has remarked on the role that cloud-based communication has taken within enterprises. Although research firm Frost & Sullivan showed last year that the IP-based and cloud communication market may be rising slower than some would prefer, the firm’s expectation that the market could reach $11.99 billion by 2021 shows that the market is here to stay.

Service providers such as Solgari clearly intend to push the market to its extreme by giving clients such as Cascade everything they could hope to achieve with a single internet connection. Cascade can now complete all of its contact with customers through a web-based portal that links to calling services accessible from anywhere. This means that Cascade agents could work from inside or outside the office as long as they maintain a link to the Solgari network.

What may be most useful to Cascade is that all its client information is stored within the Solgari cloud. It will not have to maintain its own data stores as it opens new healthcare centers and grows beyond its current means. That sort of functionality will be useful not only to maintain an always-up-to-date customer list but also, as mentioned before, as a reliable link to any call center agent it hires. No matter its growth or the way it manages its staff, Cascade can rely on persistent data stores that offer current, reliable information alongside a historical capture of its past performance.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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