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Toshiba Bolsters Contact Center Presence with UCedge Changes

June 03, 2016

The public face of most any business, the contact center is taking on a greater importance in this new age of omnichannel customer experiences and much more informed consumers. Thus, companies are often left looking for an edge to make the contact center—and thus the customer experience—better. Toshiba America Information Systems recently announced a major new update to its UCedge client systems, one that may prove to be that edge.

The new version of UCedge—UCedge 2.5—offers a slate of new capabilities, particularly the ability to log in and manage calls from mobile devices. That clears the way for a much wider talent pool to get in on the contact center's operations, and helps businesses get access to the best people to handle contact center operations.

UCedge works for not only iOS and Android smartphones—which represents the bulk of smartphones used worldwide—but it also works in Windows and Mac OS X environments, putting it on most computers as well. The system also brings a set of valuable extra features to those remote operations, including call handling functions for managing those calls, including after-call wrap-up operations, as well as the ability to add notes to call files, send notifications to group members, view calls currently in queue along with current wait times, get warning messages along specific criteria, and even allow supervisors to monitor calls in progress.

Additionally, users can put single-number reach to use, even if not actually located in a particular country, with UCedge, and the call and instant message (IM) histories of users can be stored on Google Drive. This system can also display only the office number in caller ID systems, offering mobile number privacy for users, and allow for easier means to keep in touch while traveling.

Any of these features by itself would have made UCedge worthwhile. Putting all of these together in one place makes it a powerhouse system, and those not using it may be at a disadvantage against competitors who do. It's going to take a lot for competitors in the field to be able to hold out against Toshiba's impressive system, because this system could be key toward opening up the talent pool and allowing access to contact center staffers from just about anywhere.

Toshiba's newest version of UCedge should deliver quite a bit of value for its users and leave other firms supplying the contact center scrambling to keep up. The real winner in all this is the consumer, who's about to get much better contact center access from those firms who put UCedge to work.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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