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Pexip Adds Microsoft Azure Support to Infinity Platform

June 03, 2016

Pexip has developed its Infinity software to give businesses a universal location where all their employees can collaborate through videoconferencing and file sharing. The company’s latest announcement confirms that it has extended its flagship with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing infrastructure.

Infinity does not provide its own audio and video collaboration tools. Instead, it offers a path to connect users’ favorite programs such as Microsoft Lync. It also splices together Web browsers and various devices such as smartphones and desktops. The addition of Azure will give it a boost into cloud computing, which can add some real power to the process of collaboration, no matter the tools used in the process.

Azure brings the network of Microsoft data centers to the forefront and allows users to build and deploy their own services through those cloud servers. This means that, with Pexip in the background, businesses can use the same collaboration tools they have enjoyed on Pexip proper and connect from any location by way of the Azure road. This type of software interaction, said Pexip CEO Åsmund O. Fodstad, brings the next footprint in the progressive line of enterprise communications capabilities.

“We see an exponential increase in demand for our Infinity platform to solve interoperability challenges between customers’ existing video and audio communications solutions,” Fodstad said. “Enabling Pexip Infinity on Microsoft Azure is a natural step in providing our customers with simple and cost effective collaboration solutions.”

Furthermore, Azure will also allow business leaders to monitor the deployment of their purpose-built or stock applications as they work in the cloud. Mangers can see analytics of how their employees are using such applications and use that knowledge to determine how best to collaborate in the future. Analytics can influence decisions such as whether or not to continue the use of WebRTC and which Web browser has performed best in reaching users’ preferred file storage services. Azure also seeks to remain compliant with industry regulations for file storage and transfer security.

Pexip will reportedly take this update to Infinity 12 on the road to industry trade shows this summer where other vendors and potential clients will be able to see the collaboration software’s new features on full display.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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