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Zentrunk: Plivo's Play in Cloud Communications

May 23, 2016

The burgeoning cloud communications space is quickly reaching stand-room-only. As the benefits of leveraging the cloud are gaining widespread attention, innovation is coming fast and furious while firms race to gain a foothold. And, recently Plivo made a play for a piece of the cloud communications pie with the beta launch of Zentrunk, an enterprise grade SIP trunking service.

“Cloud telecommunications shouldn’t be difficult or costly, it should bring you a peace of mind that your business communication systems are in reliable hands,” says Plivo co-founder Venky Balasubramanian. 

There are no upfront costs to Zentrunk, Plivo is using economies of scale to leverage carrier contracts to ensure the best available networks. Plivo’s network touts seven points of presence, providing end users minimal latency and exceptional voice quality. In addition, Plivo owns its network, leverages automatic load balancing and promises anytime network availability. 

“The cloud communications market is saturated with providers that boast about quality, yet deliver costly implementations with nearly inaudible performance…We are knocking down all of these issues by allowing businesses to access SIP Trunks instantly through user interface and API. With Zentrunk, businesses can benefit from being able to instantly increase or decrease their usage without capacity planning or spending money on unused bandwidth, “Venky Balasubramanian continues.

SIP trunking is in itself a cheaper telephony alternative, because trunks are virtualized physical infrastructure spend is kept to a minimum while still providing exceptional quality. Plivo notes over 20 percent of North American firms currently leverage SIP trunking for communication needs.

Deployment of the Plivo system is quick and painless, once a user signs on to Zentrunk’s API collaboration and communication is off to the races. And, remember, a firm only pays for what it uses.

The cloud communications market possesses a forecasted value of eight billion dollars. The era of cloud is in its infancy, and while this market grows increasingly crowded each day the players involved will sink or swim based on development and differentiation. Only time will tell who ends up with a slice of that billion dollar pie and which firms become cautionary tales. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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