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Unified Communications Week in Review: OCN, KoolSpan, Cloud and More

May 07, 2016

Communication and collaboration are key cogs in the wheels of industry. Whether it’s based in the cloud or on-premises, we are seeing no shortage of news in the unified communications space. And, with the weekend upon us there’s no better time than the present to take a look at the week that was: Time for the Week in Review!

May 1-7 is National Small Business Week, a holiday started in the 1960s to celebrate the hardworking entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United States. To celebrate, Onecloud Networks unveiled its “All Inclusive Small Business Package.” Haider Mirjat, OCN Chief Solutions Officer explained, "Small businesses need the same tools as larger businesses, perhaps even more so, to gain a foothold and compete on a big business level. The use of video is a game-changer in business, but has been too expensive for small businesses. Now it comes as part of the package. OCN is committed to small business success." Find the complete story and more on the announcement HERE.

Mobility is a growing theme in unified communications, and this week KoolSpan announced two new platforms to its portfolio to provide better integrated mobile systems. The new features and functionality can be found in TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise Version 4.0 and TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider Version 4.5. Steve Anderson’s entire rundown is HERE.

Another theme marching full steam ahead is the cloud. The cloud is transforming technology, and businesses are on board for the added flexibility, cost savings and performance. According to TMC’s Susan Campbell, cloud communications are on a strong path for growth. You can find Campbell’s analysis HERE.

Also in the news this week was Voxox. The firm announced a shift away from customer service to a focus on innovation in business offerings. Voxox research serves as the sparkplug for the shift, noting increased use of the firm’s app and a demand for added functionality. “Our user feedback has afforded some fascinating insights in regards to which of our app features and capabilities are the most competitive and impactful in the communications market," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Voxox.

Remember to stop by early and often for all things unified communications. See you next week!

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