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Voxox Vying for Top of UC World

May 06, 2016

An indispensible component of business today is mobility. In the always-on, always plugged-in world, team members need access to be able to communicate and collaborate regardless of location. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, PowerPoint or a quick pep talk before a big meeting solutions including mobility features make this possible.

This week, Voxox announced a shift away from customer service to focus on innovation in the business sector. Its business service, Cloud Phone, now is the firm’s flagship offering. The cloud-based telephony solution is a fit for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and Voxox will continue providing larger businesses its hosted PBX, SMS, SIP trunking and wholesale solutions.

I mentioned mobility because it is mission critical, and this point is echoed by Voxox surveys and customer data highlighting that a fair share of Voxox customers were leveraging the firm’s consumer app for work related purposes. In addition to the use of the app, research also suggests a demand for more functionality in the app. Voxox took this as a clear sign to move in the direction of development of a more complete business portfolio of solutions.

“Our user feedback has afforded some fascinating insights in regards to which of our app features and capabilities are the most competitive and impactful in the communications market," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Voxox. “In this era of app overload and siloed ecosystems, free apps are a dime a dozen and difficult to monetize. Businesses, on the other hand, are stuck with expensive, outdated communication tools. Our users understand the value of the advanced business phone features we offer with Cloud Phone, as well as our other products and services, and they are willing to pay for these features. We can now focus all of our resources on transforming business communication."

The unified communications space is heating up, and Voxox is vying for an increased market presence through innovation.  Stay tuned, as it seems as though for Voxox, much like the Carpenters, it has only just begun.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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