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KoolSpan's TrustCall Line Augmented to Offer Better Integrated Mobile Systems

May 05, 2016

Increasingly, businesses run on mobile the way many used to “run on dunkin'”, as in Dunkin' Donuts' famous slogan. KoolSpan, meanwhile, recently added some new platforms to its lineup, making its TrustCall system just a little more effective for mobile users. With the two new platforms, TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise Version 4.0 and TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider Version 4.5, users get access to plenty of new features to make a mobile operation even more effective.

TrustCall is KoolSpan's flagship technology, and gives users world-class and highly secure communications capability. But with the TrustCall DIRECT systems, users can not only put the communications to work, but can better integrate these mobile systems with currently-existing infrastructure and core systems. This allows such things as encrypted communications across entire platforms, and protects organizations against eavesdropping on several fronts.

The TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise system, as the name implies, focuses on the enterprise user, providing several application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow the system to better work with standard systems like enterprise mobility management (EMM) tools, mobile device management (MDM) tools and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools.

Meanwhile, TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider focuses on the service provide, allowing for integration with billing systems, customer care ticket systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and more, including direct compatibility with Amdocs and even Salesforce.

Julie Holdren, who serves as KoolSpan's vice president of product and its chief operating officer, commented “KoolSpan customers can benefit from our team’s experience and work with partners to meet this growing demand. International carriers are already deploying TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider to leverage their existing infrastructure while rolling out TrustCall secure messaging across their customer base, easily scaling across their wide range of customers.”

Between recent events like the Apple / FBI standoff and a host of data breaches, it's easy to see how security is an increasing priority for many businesses. Between criminals attempting to break in and government bodies working to do likewise, it's not hard to see where businesses would want a greater degree of protection. Enterprise users now have their own protection measure in TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise, while service providers can take their own version of TrustCall DIRECT to offer a little extra protection for the user base. That improves the likelihood of certain providers being selected over their competitors, and given the mobile market as it sits today, any advantage is worth considering.

With security a priority, and threats on the rise all over, any measure of protection will at least offer peace of mind. KoolSpan's newly-bolstered TrustCall looks to provide more than a measure of protection, and should mean a sound sleep for a lot of enterprise IT staff out there.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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