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Universities Make Switch to Dialpad UC

April 29, 2016

Denison University recently found itself in need of a communications upgrade. Its outdated system that handled faculty and student communications left users without a lot of choices, so it decided to make the switch to cloud-based Dialpad.

Dialpad comes to Denison full of tools that provide voice, text messaging, and group interaction while also linking to learning applications such as Google Apps for Education and Office 365. IT administrators of the new unified communications software can even configure the system to work best for users’ habits because it can track the type and amount of usage at both staff and student levels.

Dena Speranza, the chief information officer at Denison, spoke about how this new setup can offer all users a better avenue of personal communication.

“Higher education is experiencing a period of unprecedented change as we shift from the old on-premises world to a digital workplace, and colleges and universities seeking to thrive, or even simply survive, in this environment must find new ways to support our community’s demand for high-quality, highly-personalized services that help faculty, staff, and students engage more effectively,” Speranza said.

Part of the personalization of this effort is that users can bring their own devices to Dialpad. They can keep their own phones and still make use of all the voice and texting features available. Furthermore, they can connect to the faculty and student network from any location because Dialpad works from within the cloud.

System admins need not worry about the capacity of their systems either. Dialpad can scale upward or downward based on active use, so no institution will pay for more than it needs.

An article at CampusTechnology.com noted that both Denison and Pierpont Community and Technical College, in Virginia, have embraced Dialpad for its flexibility and features. Like Denison, Pierpont has spoken the praises of the new system. Both universities have joined in the rising footprint of cloud-based systems available for a number of types of projects. Organizations that support higher learning and business ventures especially have the need for communications and business process tools that sit within the always-on cloud. The students and staff mentioned here should consider themselves fortunate to be at the edge of what the cloud can bring them today.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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