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T-Systems Releases Dynamic Unified Communications

April 25, 2016

T-Systems, a division of global telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, recently announced that it has launched is new Dynamic Unified Communication (DUC) software to South African businesses.

This unified communications product means to address the need for management of multiple communications channels within a single interface. It offers businesses a common graphical environment for all channels, including calling and instant messaging, while allowing for access to those channels on desktop and mobile devices. Hein Witte, a specialized solution sales manager at T-Systems, called this release the best of its kind.

“Leveraging global capabilities from T-Systems’ parent Deutsche Telekom, combined with our local expertise, DUC is the most mature and sophisticated of its class,” Witte said.

In addition to its offering of device interoperability, DUC also tries to enhance worker productivity by allowing customer support and sales teams to interact with one another and with customers. DUC breaks down into various options that include the Connect, Communicate, Co-operate, and Collaborate units.

First, Connect gives businesses the basic dial tone they need to complete outgoing calls and receive inbound calls from customers. Businesses can then use the Communicate option to gain services such as caller authentication and identity. This way, employees will always know who wants to reach them from the other line.

Co-operate offers users a mobile client and integration with the Microsoft Outlook email software. This functionality will be essential to those sales teams that are always on the go; it can also aid companies that invest heavily in a bring-your-own-device style of employee mobile device access. Finally, Collaborate rounds out the other options with a number of collaboration tools for better inter-office communication. It also provides support for the instant messaging channel, so business agents can keep in contact with customers in a medium they feel comfortable using.

This is not the only reach into mobile collaboration that T-Systems has engaged in recent months. Last autumn, it began a partnership with BroadVision to help push forward the adoption of the BroadVision Vmoso mobile social enterprise software in Europe and surrounding geographical areas. The Vmoso application brings together email, chat, and content sharing within enterprises to enhance worker productivity and ease of collaboration.

Similarly, DUC should have that effect in South Africa with the newest Deutsche Telekom clients. The need for mobile integration and office collaboration is essential, and DUC aims to help businesses meet their goals of owning such tools.

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