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Power Your Contact Center with Fusion

April 18, 2016

Firms successful in growth via acquisition do so with a plan in place. Like a good chess player, a firm plans moves in advance to ensure checkmate. Recently, Fusion announced the completion of its Technology for Business Corporation (TFB) purchase and a clear intent to dive headfirst into the contact center space.

Today, the cloud communications provider announced its Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution, Contact360. Developed with TFB, the contact center solution integrates seamlessly with Fusion’s proprietary cloud services platform both augmenting Fusion’s offerings in the space and moving TFB’s software securely to the cloud.

Fusion CEO Matthew Rosen told TMC, “Contact360, which lives within our Fusion360 platform, offers a complete view of everything an enterprise contact center needs to succeed.”

Contact 360 will be provided to TFB’s customer base as well as Fusion’s enterprise customers seeking both inbound and outbound calling, reporting and analytics tools and a fully integrated database with CRM integration.

Rosen continued to explain, “The solution will allow enterprises to improve their customers’ experience with a single source solution that integrates leading edge contact center features with voice, UC, collaboration, mobility and the cloud connectivity that is required to access the services. We are confident that Fusion can say with pride that we are the only contact center solution provider offering that 360 degree, all-in solution today.”

In just the last couple weeks, Fusion has made a flurry of moves denoting a firm primed and poised for explosive expansion. Starting with the TFB acquisition and moving on to adding both a new sales lead and CFO as well, and now officially unveiling Contact 360 Fusion is perched to pounce on a market abundant in opportunity.

The name Fusion denotes a reaction; a bond built between atoms moving and colliding at high speed. The momentum is certainly there, as Fusion has been picking up speed for some time. Fusion is the nuclear reaction that fuels the sun and stars; its namesake should have no problem powering your contact center communication needs.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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