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Netia Turns to BroadSoft to Launch 'New Netia' Cloud-Based UC Solution

April 11, 2016

Cloud-based unified communications (UC) systems don't just spring up out of thin air. They require a great deal of development and effort to bring about. Sometimes that development can get a little simpler by turning to an established product line for some of the basic framework; recently, Netia did just that by turning to BroadSoft's BroadSoft UC-One software to drive its expansion.

BroadSoft UC-One represents an upgrade to Netia's hosted private branch exchange, which means business customers can get a whole new UC solution that isn't static, but can grow with the company's need. Now known as “New Netia,” the service brings together a wide array of services available at a flat rate. Users get access to video calling, file sharing—including desktop sharing—a slate of mobile-specific tools and several new voice features. Better yet, Netia can now operate to bring users to cloud UC whether said users are working with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) already or are still on public switched telephone network (PSTN) operations. There's not even a need to change phone numbers.

Netia's director of product and marketing for the business-to-business (B2B) sector, Marcin Kotlarski, offered further detail: “BroadSoft is a key part of our cloud strategy to meet rising customer expectations, giving us the ideal platform for business communication service innovation at a time when demand for cloud UC is increasing. By working with a cloud communication and collaboration market leader, Netia is positioned as the first Polish operator with a disruptive offering that simplifies adoption of unified communication.”

Netia is working hard to keep its offering fresh in the midst of a cycle that's hurting a lot of businesses. By helping businesses not only today with an array of useful new communications tools but also tomorrow by offering scalable options to improve or cut back on the system as the need requires, the end result is a system that offers better longevity. It's not likely to be rendered obsolete or useless in the immediate future, and that gives companies something of an assurance when making a purchase with Netia. In a time when assurances are few and far between, companies working with Netia may well also buy a little peace of mind in communications.

Netia's new offering is valuable, and it might not have come about—or at least not so rapidly—without BroadSoft's solutions offering a little underpinning. Netia might well be able to ride this development out pretty far, and BroadSoft is likely already working on the basic functions of the next big UC advance as we speak. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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