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ShoreTel Awards G12 Communications Compatibility Certification

April 06, 2016

Service providers in the telecommunications industry now offer a range of solutions to address the many different needs organization have in today's highly dynamic digital environment. With such a competitive industry, companies form partnerships to extend their reach and increase their customer base. This is generally achieved through a certification process to ensure their products are compatible. The IP-PBX certification G12 Communications just received from ShoreTel will allow it to offer its Advanced SIP trunking services to ShoreTel partners and customers.

ShoreTel provides cloud, premises-based and hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions, and G12 Communications is also a cloud-based provider of UC services. By awarding G12 its IP-PBX certification, customers can now take advantage of a more cost effective solution for a seamless PBX integration with smooth migration to G12's Advanced SIP trunking no matter which data network is being used.

The G12, cloud-based SIP trunking has been designed to help organizations minimize the cost of implementing a new IP-based communications system, while maximizing the value of an older system when a SIP PRI is configured. Using existing high-speed data connections for voice communications around the world, G12 is able to deliver a wide range of options that help communications costs low, yet still maintain high call quality, reliability and security. This includes a nearly perfect track record of 99.999 percent uptime.

The G12 SIP trunk also has the flexibility to interoperate transparently with Microsoft Lync, Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Panasonic, and other major unified-communications platforms and systems.

"Great technology is just the starting point for G12. When it comes down to it, our biggest advantage is our culture of customer service. A real person is always just a phone call away but we pride ourselves most on supporting our customer before they even call support," said CEO Rick Coma. 

ShoreTel developed its TechConnect program to extend the capabilities beyond its current product portfolio, which includes a partnership with an independent testing firm. The program was just launched in February of 2016 for onsite, cloud and hybrid UC deployments.

According to the company, the interest in third-party integration with its portfolio is one of the reasons for creating ShoreTel Connect. The program has created a more efficient certification process with new remote test and preparation capabilities. It also provides marketing opportunities and advance notification and sponsorship priority for the ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference.

"We are seeking complementary solutions with a focus on vertical applications, and are focused on creating greater value for our customers through interoperability and integration with tools and applications they use daily," said Mark Roberts, CMO of ShoreTel.

The rapid pace in which digital technology evolves makes it difficult for a single company to provide all of the solutions customers are looking for. With the right partnerships, such as the one between G12 Communications and ShoreTel, it is possible to provide the services customers need under one roof with certification processes that ensure seamless integration of their products.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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