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Moves in Video Conferencing Parallel Wider UC Market

March 28, 2016

One very interesting development out of a recent unified communications (UC) trade show featured seven finalists nominated for its best of show awards. Of those seven, video collaboration tools were on hand, and the big winner—CafeX's Chime system—demonstrated that video conferencing is going to be a big part of the UC market as a whole, and is even showing us potentially where UC is set to go from here.

Chime's win at the show made it clear that a video conferencing service could make a big splash, especially when that service doesn't require a dedicated app or downloaded software to operate. Since it uses Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) as its base—and the Chime app can work on any browser, even those that haven't been seen to support WebRTC—it offers incredible versatility and flexibility. It even works with both cloud-based and on-premises infrastructures, helping to ensure that it can find a fit in most any operation.

It's not even alone in the market; companies like Vidyo and Cisco are putting extra force into video collaboration tools, as evidenced by Cisco's Spark and Vidyo's eponymous platform. Vidyo and Cisco also had entries in that trade show's seven, making almost half of the best of show listings video conferencing related.

The fact that a trade show's best of show event was almost half related to any one breed of product suggests that there are a lot of entries in that breed, and that this breed is frequently putting out high quality material. There wouldn't be that many entries in the best of show run if it wasn't a match for everything else on the show floor. As businesses look for ways to save money without sacrificing service and quality, video conferencing and collaboration tools are proving great options; removing any amount of business travel can be a major savings, and the ability to better collaborate can yield better products, better sales, and from there better revenue. That's not to say video conferencing is a silver bullet to better profits, but it does help improve the conditions under which profitability is generated.

When almost half of the products at a trade show's best of show campaign fall under one product sector's umbrella that's a good sign the product sector should be more closely considered. Failing to do so could cost opportunities, not only in the use of said products but also in the manufacture of said products. Video conferencing is clearly on the rise, and those in the UC market will want to make note—and respond—accordingly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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